Guaranteed Growth Strategies for the New Year

Perssaonal-training-Business-3Three Steps to Take Immediately to Explode Your Fitness Business in 2016

The New Year’s celebration brings a renewed energy to people who want to make improvements in their life and near the top of almost everyone’s list is exercising more, eating better and taking better care of their health. This is what you and your business are all about!

It is a well known fact that most of these people will not last with their fitness goals. However, this natural flow of interest in fitness is a potential boom for the aware and prepared Small Gym Owner and Personal Trainer. This year you can capture more of these leads and get more clients for your programs and services, than ever before, using this proven plan:

1. Let people know now that you are available to help them with their fitness goals.

Plant the thought now that people can have a different outcome next year if they work with you. Advertise and promote your offerings through newsletters, email, flyers, announcements and personal promotions. Make your promotions helpful and genuine in your concern, and ability, to help new people achieve their goals. Mix your media up and do something every few day to keep your services at the top of people’s minds. Remember that you are planting seeds of interest. Do not expect to see any results until well into the month of January.

2. Plan your January out now in detail.

January 1 is the perfect day to have a Free Trial or an Open House. The interest for fitness will likely never be hotter than it is on January 1st. Not possible in your case?…., at least plan out some events for the first week of January. In either case, let your existing customers and clients know your plans now. They will be talking to their friends and you want your raving fans to be highly recommending YOU.

3. Plan for the long term.

Don’t look at this opportunity as only a one-day event. New people will try your programs and likely get sore. Enough soreness and they will ditch you and return to their comfortable, inactive lifestyles. Be prepared to help them through the rough spots. Rather than have a one-time event for them, create a series of events throughout January (for your clients as well as your potential new people), that will showcase your programs. The more events you have, the better your chances are of getting new people fully engaged and involved, for the long-term in your business.


In the fitness business we have a unique opportunity once every year and it is just a couple of weeks away. Organize and plan your activities now to really capitalize on the opportunity and your business will be off to a great start for an incredible year.


Keep promoting your special programs right up until the last possible minute of 2015, and well into the month of January. In my next post I’ll share a story of how these techniques added a 5-figure increase to my annual sales, jut like it will for you!

…Ron Gordon a highly regarded consultant, and speaker in the fitness business. His very successful fitness careers included serving as a YMCA Executive Director, owner of a full service Health Club, Founder and Owner of a CrossFit Affiliate and the Founder of a high end Personal Fitness Training Business. A teacher at heart, his passion is helping other Small Gym Owners and Personal Trainers earn 6-figure incomes and enjoying the lifestyle of their dreams…